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Onkyo’s First Certified “Works with SONOS” Receivers Will Seamlessly Integrate with the SONOS Sound Platform Following a Firmware Update Announced Today

June 5, 2018

OSAKA, JAPAN. Onkyo, the world’s leading home entertainment design company, has announced a firmware update available June 5 that will activate Works with SONOS on select home theater, stereo hi-fi, and lifestyle audio products manufactured during or after 2016.

Works with SONOS enables users to seamlessly stream music from their SONOS app to their Onkyo receiver, allowing them to enjoy music anywhere, including their home theater. Products featuring the new Works with SONOS capability will include selected Onkyo network A/V receivers, stereo receivers, and A/V processors.

The Works with SONOS program certifies that the product integration meets SONOS standards for a stress-free user experience, and that the product will connect with the SONOS Home Sound System. Customers can be assured everything will work together seamlessly and be supported by SONOS.

With the addition of a SONOS Connect, Onkyo receivers carrying Works with SONOS certification can be part of an existing SONOS Home Sound System or become the start of a new one. After a simple set-up procedure, the receivers tie securely into SONOS, instantly waking, changing inputs, and playing at the desired volume using the familiar SONOS app interface.

Once the compatible Onkyo receiver is connected to the SONOS Connect, users are able to send any music or audio entertainment source on their SONOS app to the receiver. The receiver can be grouped with other SONOS devices on the network or be enjoyed independently.

Onkyo’s integration with the Works with SONOS program benefits customers by decreasing their time to music while enhancing the magical SONOS experience through a non-SONOS audio product.

Onkyo, Japan

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