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Onkyo Introduces the World’s First Portable Headphone DAC/Amp for Direct-Digital Connection to iOS and Android Mobile Devices

September 3, 2014

• DAC-HA200 Brings Direct-Digital Premium D/A Conversion and Headphone Amplification to iOS Devices for the First Time

• Includes Free Access to HD Player Pack App to Enable 96/24 Hi-Res Playback on iOS Devices When Connected via USB

• Extracts Better-Than-CD Sound from AOA 2.0-Ready Android Devices via Direct-Digital USB-A Input

• Offers Asynchronous Hi-Res-Capable D/A Conversion for Android Devices, PC, and Macintosh via USB

OSAKA, JAPAN. Onkyo now offers a complete end-to-end solution for portable and desktop high-resolution audio with the release of the world’s first DAC/headphone amplifier officially supporting direct-digital connection with iOS and Android AOA 2.0-compatible* devices. Paired with the free Onkyo HD Player Pack for iOS and a pair of the company’s in-ear or on-ear headphones, users can experience 96/24 albums with precision D/A conversion and amplification wherever their day takes them.

The DAC-HA200 accepts direct-digital streams from iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices equipped with a Lightning Connector as well as Android phones and tablets supporting AOA 2.0 via the USB Type A input and the appropriate manufacturer-specific cable. Rather than having to bundle the touchscreen device and amp together with rubber bands, users can place the amp separately in a satchel or pocket and be free to enjoy hi-res music while using their smartphone or tablet as usual.

The DAC/amp also includes a USB Micro-B input to link Windows and Macintosh computers (no driver installation necessary, cable included) for onboard asynchronous D/A conversion and amplification. Asynchronous D/A conversion is also supported on compatible Android devices via USB.

As well as being certified for iOS devices with Lightning Connector, the amplifier unofficially supports direct-digital connection to legacy iPod, iPod touch, and iPhone devices featuring a 30-pin plug via the USB-A input. Alternatively, users can connect these devices and other phones, tablets, and media players via a switching optical/analog input (which accepts direct-digital streams from players featuring a digital output). Connectivity is completed with a DC charging input (USB-A to DC cable included), and a 3.5 mm headphone socket.

With roots in hi-fi that stretch back to 1946, Onkyo set out to design a reference portable amplifier worthy of its distinguished heritage. Drawing on time-proven amplification principles, it selected the MUSES 8920 op-amp and married it to a discrete Class AB push-pull output stage. Combined with a quality TI Burr-Brown PCM5102 processor and a high-precision clocking mechanism for asynchronous D/A conversion from compatible source devices, the resulting sound is vital, energetic, detailed, and engaging.

Output power is rated at 145 mW + 145 mW at 1 kHz (JEITA) driving a 32 Ohm load, and 35 mW + 35 mW at 1 kHz (JEITA) through a 600 Ohm load, both figures with 10% Total Harmonic Distortion. High output power and a two-stage selectable gain function make it ideal for driving almost any headphone, from sensitive IEMs through to 600 Ohm circumaural cans for home listening.

An internal lithium-ion battery returns up to 11 hours playtime (via Audio IN) and can be recharged in approximately eight hours via computer using the supplied USB-A to DC input cable. This feature is perfect for headphone enthusiasts searching for a quality desktop DAC/amp for the home and office that can be charged up during use, ready to deliver the same high-resolution performance on the daily commute.

Built to suit a life on the road, the DAC-HA200 is constructed from durable and stylish brushed aluminum and is among the most compact in its class at a pocket-sized 64 x 21.7 x 112 mm (WHD) excluding the volume knob and bump protectors. Construction and finish are first-rate.

To enable playback of high-resolution audio on iOS, Onkyo offers users of its HF Player app free access to HD Player Pack (normally an in-app purchase) whenever the DAC-HA200 is connected to the iOS device via USB. This upgrade enables users to load and play 96 kHz/24-bit FLAC, WAV, and ALAC files as well as 5.6 MHz DSD (converted to PCM on output) with 16,384-band FIR equalization and convenient create-and-save EQ presets.

The DAC-HA200 meets a growing demand for portable amplification that also provides high-resolution D/A conversion for iOS and Android devices. With outstanding sound quality, rugged practicality, and realistic pricing, the DAC-HA200 makes the enjoyment of authentic hi-fi sound possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

*Output resolution is limited to 48 kHz/16-bit on Android AOA 2.0-compatible devices.

Onkyo Corporation, Japan