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New Onkyo Soundbase for Large TVs Offers Room-Filling Hi-Fi Sound and Easy Operation

September 3, 2014

OSAKA, JAPAN. With TV panel size continuing to grow in inverse proportion to price, Onkyo—the world leader in quality home entertainment solutions—announces the brilliant LS-T30 TV Speaker System, a soundbase that’s built to support the weight of extra-large displays while delivering extraordinarily powerful sound and easy operation.

The wide and extremely solid MDF cabinet—which will support TVs of up to 60 kg and 70 inches—houses four 6.5 cm precision drivers and a down-firing 16 cm subwoofer outputting 25 W of pure bass power. Together with four DTS Studio Sound™ modes specially customized by Onkyo for the LS-T30, users are treated to crystal-clear and all-enveloping home theater sound from a slim and convenient soundbase.

Listening modes include Surround, which employs advanced algorithms to pick out spatial cues from movie and game soundtracks; Stereo mode for clear and involving music reproduction; Voice mode to elevate dialog in news, comedy shows, and TV dramas; and Standard mode for those who prefer balanced and relaxed presentation. The LS-T30 also supports 48 kHz Dolby® Digital audio commonly encoded in HDTV broadcasts, online video streams, and disc-based media.

Ease of use follows stellar sound quality and slim form factor in the LS-T30’s long list of appealing features. This is sure to please those with young children or less-technically-savvy users who want to enjoy enhanced TV sound without navigating confusing menus and pressing a lot of buttons to get it. The LS-T30 is preprogrammed with IR codes for all major TV brands (with learning ability for others), which means it switches on automatically and responds to the volume commands of the user’s TV remote controller. The speaker system automatically moves to Standby mode after a period without input from the display, saving energy.

Combined with an easy single-cable connection (both optical and analog cables are included), flush-mounted controls on the soundbase itself, and subtle LED status indicators, the LS-T30 is simply the easiest TV sound system to use, bar none.

Music lovers will appreciate the quality and versatility of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR audio streaming from smartphone, tablet, and PC while almost any mobile or media player can be connected to the LS-T30 via the 3.5 mm analog audio input.

The LS-T30 TV Speaker System exceeds expectations in every area. Construction, fit, and finish are of the highest quality. Sleek, modern styling blends seamlessly into any décor. Audio performance is outstanding, and the speaker system couldn’t be easier to operate. With its usual intuitive feel for what customers really need, Onkyo has produced yet another classic in a line of innovative, high-performance products that stretches all the way back to the company’s foundation in 1946.

Onkyo Corporation, Japan