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Let Your Music Off the Leash

Creating headphones that can extract the full dynamic potential in a recording—while remaining portable enough to stick in your back pocket—is no easy task. Yet Onkyo, a company with more than 65 years’ experience in hi-fi audio, has managed to do just that with the development of an all-new headphone sound. Featuring a large, low-impedance transducer, these headphones reach deep into the mix, balancing silky smooth bass with an open and natural mid-range. Tough aluminum and ABS resin hybrid construction helps to provide the necessary rigidity to tame resonance and distortion. Crystal-clear audio comes courtesy of an audiophile-grade, super-conductive copper cable wrapped in transparent elastomer insulation to minimize touch noise. Detachable gold-plated MMCX connectors allow easy cable replacement in case of accidental damage. Available in a burnished black aluminum finish, these comfortable and stylish IEMs are ready to make your music come alive.

High-Purity Detachable Copper-Core Cable Image

High-Purity Detachable Copper-Core Cable

Your headphone cable is of critical importance to sound quality. Good cable should minimize touch noise and ensure the best possible conductivity. The IE-HF300s come with a detachable 6N oxygen-free copper cable, which delivers almost zero resistance for superior sound. Insulating the core is a tough and flexible elastomer sheath that won’t easily tangle. Unlike other cables, which aren’t designed for pure audio, it’s a one-piece type with no extensions or inline controls to get snagged on clothing or bags.

Note: Some smartphone cases may prevent a proper cable connection.

High-Performance Dynamic Drivers Image

High-Performance Dynamic Drivers

The IE-HF300s feature a large (14.3 mm) dynamic or moving-coil-type transducer. The design is noted for its durability, accuracy, and ability to reproduce a wide frequency bandwidth, and it’s perfected here in a particularly natural-sounding custom driver. Durable aluminum/ABS resin housing provides exceptional rigidity, reducing unwanted vibration. These drivers are sympathetic to compressed audio formats without sacrificing sensitivity for lossless and high-resolution playback.

Deep, Well-Controlled Bass Performance Image

Deep, Well-Controlled Bass Performance

Experienced headphone users agree that bass response isn’t a question of quantity, but quality. Drowning in poorly defined bass does no music any favors, whereas well-balanced low frequencies add weight and dynamism to all kinds of music. Onkyo’s engineers spent long hours perfecting the tuning of the IE-HF300s to produce deep, tuneful bass that doesn’t overwhelm the middle frequency band.

Rugged Construction Image

Rugged Construction

High portability inevitably means a greater risk of bumps, bangs, and knocks. Onkyo protects your investment with the use of tough, impact-resistant materials. All cable connectors are gold plated to preserve signal integrity and resist the effects of corrosion, extending the life of your headphones.

Comfort for Long Listening Sessions

The nozzle section on the IE-HF300s is angled to provide optimum comfort and a secure fit. Ergonomic soft-touch earpads provide a firm, comfortable seal against ambient noise, and won’t fatigue during longer sessions. Running for a train or putting your feet up at home, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them.

IE-HF300 (S)
Black in-ear headphones, silver cable

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Onkyo HF Player App

  • Onkyo HF Player App


All-New 14.3 mm High-Performance Drivers for Deep Bass, Clear Mid-Range, and Detailed Treble

Anti-Vibration Aluminum Die-Cast/ABS Resin Hybrid Body

6N Oxygen-Free Copper Cable Protects Signal for Pure Sound

Detachable Design for Easy Cable Replacement

Tough Elastomer Cable Sheath Reduces Touch Noise

High-Quality Gold-Plated MMCX and Mini-Stereo Connectors

Reinforced L-Shaped Mini-Stereo Plug

Comfortable In-Ear Headphone Sleeves for a Secure Fit

Tough, Lightweight, Durable Construction

Compatible with Most Media Players


Frequency Response: 15 Hz–22 kHz

Maximum Input Power: 30 mW

Output Sound Pressure Level: 105 dB/mW

Nominal Impedance: 32 Ohms

Cable Length 1.2 m (x1)

Weight (without cable): 12 g

Due to a policy of continuous product improvement, Onkyo reserves the right to change specifications and appearance without notice.

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