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Network Hi-Fi Mini System

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Your Music Collection, Revitalized

The aluminum front panel on the CS-N755 conceals some of the best Onkyo original technology to ever see release in a compact audio product. Whether you’re streaming from Spotify, pulling tracks from devices on the network, or spinning a CD, signals are pampered by the same technology that drives Onkyo’s high-end A/V receivers. With remote control and streaming for iPod touch/iPhone and Android-powered devices, the CS-N755 makes high-class audio easy.

CS-N755 Image
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Ethernet for Music Streaming, Internet Radio, and Home Network Audio

Connecting to your home network via LAN cable (or wirelessly with optional UWF-1 adapter), you need only enter your account details to be granted access to a massive archive of tracks hosted by services such as Spotify and AUPEO!. Whatever music you’re into, there’s bound to be a radio channel to suit your taste among the thousands hosted at vTuner, which is available through your CS-N755. Ethernet connectivity enables playback of formats including MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, and WMA Lossless from any household PC connected to the local network.

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Front-Panel USB Port for iPod and iPhone Image

Front-Panel USB Port for iPod and iPhone

The CS-N755 front-panel USB port gives access to MP3 and AAC audio files stored iPod/iPhone. You can also load a flash memory drive with these files types—along with lossless formats such as FLAC—and plug it in, using the system’s remote to control playback. As the audio signals are transported in digital form, rather than analog, there is much less chance for signal degradation. Your music sounds cleaner and more faithful to the original. You can plug your in iPod or iPhone for an automatic recharge at any time, with the system returning to standby mode once you’ve disconnected the device.

Front-Panel USB Port for iPod and iPhone Image

Phase-Matching Bass Boost System

From the warm low notes produced by a cello to the deep frequencies of electronic music, a good compact audio system should be able to deliver plenty of bass. While traditional enhancement systems effectively boost low-frequency sound, they are often prone to the effects of phase shifting, which can overwhelm mid-range frequencies and muddy the sound. Our Phase-Matching Bass Boost technology effectively preserves mid-range clarity—allowing vocals and strings to shine—while maintaining a smooth, powerful bass response at all volume levels.

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