Net-Tune Central

Net-Tune™ Central is a software application that transforms your PC into a music server. It enables you to stream your PC’s music files to other Net-Tune™ devices on a Local Area Network (LAN). Net-Tune™ Central will automatically search your hard drive for supported audio formats—such as MP3, WMA, and WAV—so you can enjoy seamless organization of your music. It also allows you to edit the song information (e.g. the name of the artist, album, or genre) and create custom playlists on your PC for easy playback.

Net-Tune Central

If you want to personalize your remote controller even more, beyond its standard programming features, ChadEdit is the tool for you to use. ChadEdit is the remote controller’s companion software that you can download from the link below.

Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files.
With ChadEdit you can:

Upload and download new configurations to and from your remote controller. You do this with the serial cable included with your remote controller.

Add, delete, modify, and move control panels, devices, and commands anywhere on the touchscreen.

Save, duplicate, and share configuration files, codes, or devices with other remote controllers.

Preview new configuration files on ChadEmulator. In this way, you can check how the remote controller’s interface will look.

Import new graphics to create new buttons and designs.

Personalize configuration files to optimize the use of your remote controller.